Hasid or Hipster

The More We Change - The More We Remain The Same

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creativaarts asked: I am a local artist (painter) from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I was browsing the internet for some inspiration on an upcoming series I'm doing. I was looking for some examples of portraits of everyday people, street photography-esque, and kind of an earthy mood. I stumbled across your work and found a few photos that I loved! I'd love to base some paintings off of these portrait. How would you feel about that?

Many of the photos weren’t taken by us. If they link to another site, be sure to check with the owner about getting permission to use their work. But anything unique to us, we’re happy to let you use. Send us a pic when you’ve finished!

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sm091286 asked: Hi I'm writing a thesis about Hasids and Hipsters (sort of) and I'm wondering if I can ask-- How many Tumblr followers do you have? Also, I'd be super grateful if you could point me any other examples of visual culture (besides of course Elke Reva Sudin's paintings) that point to this overlap of subcultures. Best, Scott

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